July 17, 2024

William Kresse, famously known as “Professor Fraud,” joins Jon Hansen on Your Money Matters

Professor William Kresse, also known as “Professor Fraud”, from Governors State University, is the guest at Your Money Matters, hosted by Jon Hansen. They discuss the supportive actions taken by the FTC for victims of student loan scams. Furthermore, Kresse highlights some latest deception schemes that everyone should watch out for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is “Professor Fraud” William Kresse?

Professor William Kresse, also known as “Professor Fraud,” is an educator at Governors State University who specializes in financial frauds and scams. He often appears on various platforms to educate individuals about the latest schemes and how to protect themselves.

How is the FTC helping victims of student loan scams?

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission actively works to protect consumers, including those who have fallen victim to student loan scams. They provide assistance and guidance in recovering from the financial losses resulting from the scams.

What are some of the latest scams that people should be aware of?

Scams are constantly evolving, making it crucial to stay informed. As highlighted by “Professor Fraud,” some recent schemes include phishing emails and calls, identity theft, Ponzi schemes, and online auction fraud. Always verify information before making any transactions or sharing personal data.