July 17, 2024

Three More Arrested in Indian Railway Loan Scam in Guwahati

More strides were made in the Indian Railway loan fraud case with the Guwahati police apprehending three additional suspects. Latasil police arrested Ajay Basfor, Nekibor Zaman, and Rashidul Siddiqui, accusing them of forgery and fraudulent activities.

With an already hefty toll of Rs 10 crore, this ruse continues to expose more guilty parties, forcing the arrest tally to rise to eight. Among the captured is an upper-level official of NF Railway, indicating deep-seated corruption.

Also held in custody is Phanindra Kumar, a railway accounts department superintendent. A police sweep of Kumar’s work space turned up more pieces of the puzzle, pointing to a history of deceitful loans gotten through doctored documents back to 2019.

The latest apprehensions demonstrate forward progress in eliminating graft within the Indian Railway administration, with the authorities ramping up efforts to expose and apprehend all implicated parties.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who were the people recently arrested in connection to the Indian Railway Loan Scam?

The Guwahati city police recently arrested three more individuals related to the Indian Railway Loan Scam – Ajay Basfor, Nekibor Zaman, and Rashidul Siddiqui. They were all allegedly involved in the forgery of counterfeit stamps and fraudulent activities.

2. How has the scam affected the Indian Railways financially so far?

Today, the scandal has already drained Rs 10 crore from the Indian Railways, a toll that continues to grow as the investigation into the scam progresses and more individuals are implicated.

3. How are authorities responding to the situation?

The authorities are making vigorous efforts to totally eliminate corruption within the Indian Railway system. The recent arrests underline the government’s commitment to bring all those involved to justice for their offenses.