June 15, 2024

We previously covered the nerve-wracking tale of Charlotte Cowles, a financial writer for New York Magazine, who tragically lost $50,000 to an intricate and film-like heist. Now we shift our attention to another familiar face who has exposed their encounter with swindlers’ plots.

The Andy Cohen Credit Card Fraud: What Transpired?

Andy Cohen is a renowned television host and media figure. Earlier this year, Cohen made headlines after falling prey to a prevalent type of banking fraud. He courageously divulged the particulars of the incident and the ensuing consequences.

His ordeal began with the loss of his debit card. Shortly thereafter, he got an email claiming to be from his bank, prompting him to sign into his account – a regrettable trap disguised as a phishing page. The subsequent day, Cohen got a call from the fraudsters. With the help of caller ID spoofing, the name of the caller was identical to that of the bank, coaxing Cohen into trusting the caller as a bank representative.

Having earned his trust, the fraudsters were able to acquire personal details from Cohen, facilitating them to execute several substantial transactions from his account. Sensing something off the following day, Cohen immediately went to his bank, but unfortunately, the damage had already been done. The bank disclosed that multiple large transactions had just been processed.

Methods For Self-Protection

Modern scams are highly advanced, posing a challenge in discerning what is genuine from what’s fabricated. In the words of Andy Cohen himself:

“If you suspect any foul play, directly visit your bank branch […] And when you receive emails, meticulously examine the email address they’re sent from. It might display your bank’s name, but upon clicking the name, the actual email address reveals itself, and you’ll realize it’s some unrelated random address.”

Regarding the urgency tactics employed by scammers as a part of social manipulation, Cohen advises: “No matter needs immediate attention—many times these people call and assert, ‘This is urgent, you need to act now. Do not entertain that.”

Observed on March 7, National Slam the Scam Day is an excellent opportunity to revisit our article, Slam the Scam with Trend Micro’s Top Tips!, where you’ll find other scam variants to watch out for, and essential safety tips to safeguard yourself from scams like those Cohen fell prey to. Stay safe, everyone!

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