June 16, 2024

By James Reynolds

13:07 18 Apr 2024, Updated 14:10 18 Apr 2024

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Érika de Souza Vieira Nunes, a 42-year-old woman who deceptively transported her deceased ‘uncle’ to a bank in Brazil as part of a ‘loan fraud,’— was caught on CCTV camera riding a taxi with the dead body and even having the clueless taxi driver assist her move him into a wheelchair— a crucial piece of evidence that could potentially lead to her imprisonment.

Nunes was captured on surveillance camera boarding a ride-hail car with Paulo Roberto Braga to a bank in Bangu, Rio de Janeiro, with an intention to withdraw 17,000 reais (approximately £2,600) on April 16.

Nunes firmly contends, she was oblivious to her elderly relative’s death when she wheeled him to the bank. Concurrently, newly emerged footage illustrates Nunes struggling to transfer Braga from the car to a wheelchair with assistance from the taxi driver.

This footage, captured in a parking lot near the bank shortly after 1pm on Tuesday, discloses that autopsy results suggest Braga likely died sometime between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm that day.

However, within the extensive police investigation, a pivotal detail provides fresh insight into Braga’s death on Tuesday, challenging claims that his demise occurred in the bank.

![New CCTV footage shows the woman with her ‘uncle’ in a wheelchair on April 16](https://investmentshoax.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/83805325-13323413-New_CCTV_footage_shows_the_woman_with_her_uncle_i-a-54_1713440980937.jpg)

A startling video clip shared this week reveals the sight of Souza pushing Roberto Braga, 68, towards a bank teller’s counter, attempting to withdraw money on Tuesday, April 16.

Concerns were raised over de Souza’s conduct at the bank branch as she endeavored to get Braga to sign a document, which eventually led the police to arrest her on the scene.

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Initially, customers and bank employees assumed Braga was unwell, before requesting an ambulance, as indicated by the police chief.

A viral video, shot by a bank staff member, shows de Souza propping up Braga’s head and instructing him, ‘Uncle, can you hear me? You have to sign this. I can’t sign for you.’

The footage showcases the woman instructing the deceased man to grasp a pen tightly as she positioned it between his fingers, encouraging him to sign a document.

Souza conveyed to the police that Braga had expired whilst seated in the wheelchair at the bank; a claim actively contested by the police.

Police supervisor, Fábio Luiz Souza, postulated that given the pattern of blood accumulation within his vessels, it’s likelier Braga expired lying down and not sitting as claimed.

An autopsy revealed that Braga probably died between 11:30 am and 2:30 pm that particular day.

Forensic pathologists, however, are unable to definitively ascertain whether he passed away during transit to the bank in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Braga’s listed causes of death include heart failure and aspiration of stomach content.

Toxicology report results, which would determine if he had been drugged, are still pending.

The taxi driver who was visibly part of Souza’s scheme has since been interrogated by the police.

Standing in her defense, Souza’s attorney is asserting that she suffers from mental health issues and could have been experiencing a mental breakdown.

According to Ana Carla de Souza Correa, ‘Érika is undergoing psychological therapy and is on prescribed medication.’

“I believe the medications may have caused her to behave erratically. She appeared visibly deranged”, Correa added in Souza’s defense.