May 26, 2022

The free payment app Zelle is making headlines these days, but for all the wrong reasons. Every week, it seems, comes a new report of someone scammed out of thousands of dollars.

And now Congress is starting to ask questions. That’s because while Zelle is an easy way to send money, it is also an easy way for scammers to steal your money.

Victim after victim shares their stories

Megan MacDonald’s story is sadly all to familiar. She received an urgent text that appeared to come from her bank.

“I was contacted by someone from a Wells Fargo phone number,” she said, “who old me they were a Wells Fargo representative and that I had fraud in my bank account.”

Panicked, she gave her account information to the helpful man, who she thought was a customer service agent.

But it was a scammer, and within minutes he transferred $3,0000 out of her checking account through a Zelle transfer.

Last year, Catina Brown fell victim to a text message that appeared to be from her bank, claiming her account was locked due to fraud.

When she texted back, she remembered, “it said, did you try to Zelle someone $5,000, and I said no!”

So she gave her account number to try to stop the fraudulent transfer, and the thief immediately transferred $1,000 out of her checking account, before she realized what was happening.

Damon Lander was another victim, who didn’t even know what Zelle was when he received a phone call about a problem with his bank account.

He told us that as soon as he gave his account information,…

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