November 29, 2023

Business Email Compromise; The New ‘Nigerian Princes’ of Hacking?; BEC or Business Email Compromise hacking is one of the most common types of cyber-attack, which the FBI says costs more than £6 billion a year – and experts say Nigeria is its epicentre. YouTube Tips ⓘ

A Nigerian scammer pleaded guilty to scamming a victim over $.1 million but still has a blue check (verified) status symbol from Instagram. According to the The Guardian, a Nigerian scammer, known as hushpuppi, will be free to continue to use Instagram, unless the US government requests otherwise.

Nigerian influencer Ramon Abbas — age 37 on July 29, 2021, also known as Hushpuppi — pleaded guilty to money laundering in a US court. Court documents filed in California said Hushpuppi’s crimes cost victims almost $24m (£17m) in total, according to the BBC. Ramon Abbas was arrested in Dubai, where he lived, in June 2020. Abbas was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.

Cybersecurity research company Agari reports that scammers are found in 50 countries in the world and 50 percent of all BEC attacks originate in Nigeria.

“Email remains the most common channel for threat actors to infiltrate businesses and gain access to sensitive data and IP. Recognizing that our cloud solutions offer the gold-standard in protection against email-based cybercrime.

Agari was founded by the thought leaders behind Cisco’s IronPort solution and co-founders of…

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