December 7, 2023

Question 1: Can you provide an update on the status of the SC 146 (Woodruff Road) Safety Improvements Project in Greenville County? Is construction still on schedule to begin later this year?

Question 2: Could you please provide an update on the road widening project on Woodruff Road in Five Forks?  It seems like weeks or months have passed with very little visible progress, and the project is long past due for completion. The traffic delays are torture to those of us who live or commute through here.

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Answers: In response to the first question regarding the Woodruff Road Safety Improvement Project, contractors will start bidding on that work on October 1.

If the bid is awarded in October, a preconstruction conference and Notice to Proceed may be issued in November, state Department of Transportation spokesman Pete Poore said in an email. The contractor’s schedule, and local weather, will determine when construction will begin, he said.

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