July 17, 2024

The Prosser Police Department is sounding an alarm. Watch out for credit card skimmers, especially at the local Love’s Travel Stations.

The rise in credit card skimming

A recent [post from the Prosser PD](https://www.facebook.com/ProsserPD/posts/pfbid0dxgabMwiWEm5wBXTeWuLv9hYoszHm8hsVMwnhno7VL8vCf1MgWFaoDHCmQ2Mkbqrl) on social media alerts the public to a card skimmer discovered at a gas pump on March 19. In response, the police are urging vigilance towards these devices, which could be lurking on gas pumps and other payment systems. If you come across one, report it immediately.

To keep safe from card skimmers, here are a few tips:

– Always inspect the card slot before swiping your card.
– Opt for contactless payment methods or a digital wallet.
– Consider paying for gas inside, rather than at the pump.
– Be cautious when using non-bank ATMs.
– Regularly check your bank statements for any dubious transactions.

#### Frequently Asked Questions

**What are credit card skimmers?**

Credit card skimmers are devices placed over the card reader of an ATM or gas pump. These devices capture the information on the card’s magnetic strip, allowing thieves to clone the card or use the information for fraudulent transactions.

**How can I identify a credit card skimmer?**

Identifying a credit card skimmer can sometimes be challenging, as they are designed to blend with the machine. Things to look out for include an unusually bulky card slot, a slot that sticks out much farther than the rest of the machine, or a slot that is loosely attached.

**What steps should I take if I suspect my card information has been compromised?**

If you suspect your card information has been compromised or you identify unauthorized transactions on your account, you should contact your bank or card issuer immediately. They can assist you in securing your account, issuing a new card and potentially reclaiming lost funds.