February 24, 2024

Villagers in Jalna, Maharashtra, have taken matters into their own hands by physically lifting a newly built road with their bare hands in a magnificent demonstration of tenacity and protest. The viral video of this breathtaking act has put light on their suspicions of a scam involving the road-building contractor. This event has received great attention and is a powerful emblem of community solidarity and resilience.

Locals have long been disgruntled with the state of their area’s infrastructure. However, their dissatisfaction reached a boiling point when corruption allegations related to the road construction project surfaced. 

Maharashtra Villagers Lift Road To Uncover Alleged Fraud By Contractor

Rohit Sharma, a user of Twitter, shared the video with the caption, “When Kaleen Bhaiya ventures into Road construction 😂😂 The contractor made a fake road— with carpet as a base!.” The 38-second video shows a carpet-like material a local contractor put right beneath the road. In the video, the villagers can be heard criticising the local contractor, whom they call Rana Thakur. They call the work “bogus” while gripping the carpet beneath the asphalt. 


According to the Free Press Journal, the incident occurred in Karjat-Hast Pokhari, a taluka in Maharashtra’s Jalna district. The road was built as part of the ‘Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojana’ (Prime Minister Rural Roads Scheme). According to the outlet, the contractor claimed…

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