October 2, 2022

A veteran-led organization helping Afghan allies escape the Taliban was allegedly fleeced out of hundreds of thousands of dollars by companies and people, including other veterans, who promised to help nearly 200 refugees but failed to deliver, the organization claimed in a lawsuit filed in federal court this week.

Save Our Allies, which was founded by three veterans and a veteran’s wife to help Afghans who served as interpreters for the U.S. military flee after the Taliban returned to power last year, said in the lawsuit it was defrauded out of $735,128 by defendants who pressured them for more cash in order to get the “fat lady to sing.”

“They did not provide what was promised as far as air transport, visas, decent housing and kept trying to stick ’em up for more money to the point where it became clear that it was a classic scam,” Kevin Carroll, the lawyer representing Save Our Allies, told Military.com in a phone interview.

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The allegedly broken promises have left 197 Afghans stranded in Pakistan without a clear path forward.

“Efforts are continuing to get those refugees who can get resettled into other third countries resettled in those countries,” Carroll said. “But unlike the situation as it was described to Save Our Allies, these people are not all perfect candidates for Special Immigrant Visas.”

Special Immigrant Visas are the…

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