February 24, 2024

A United States-based medical doctor of Ghanaian heritage has narrated how she lost close to $50,000 in a land sale and investment scam in Accra.

The victim, who narrated her ordeal to graphic.com.gh, said that she was fouled by a fraudster named Harry, who tricked her into paying the $50,000 in a fake land and investment scheme.

The doctor said that Harry, whom she got to know through a mutual relation, his cousin, exploited her using deceptive tactics, lies, manipulation as well as fraudulent documents and checks to take the huge amount of money from her within 10 months.

According to her, she met the accused fraudster during her visit to Ghana in December 2021.

She added that what makes matters worse is that she has not gotten her money back neither has she gotten justice after Harry was arrested in 2023 and released by the police on the premise that he was going to pay back all the money he stole from her.

“Compounding the financial blow, I’ve incurred additional burdensome costs pursuing legal avenues in my quest for justice, further deepening the impact of the thousands of dollars already swindled from me.

“On January 6th, 2023, Harry was arrested outside the famous nightclub, [name withheld], in Osu, where he is known to frequent and is allegedly a shareholder. Despite his arrest, his deceit has intensified as he has resorted to more lies and manipulation since,” she wrote to grahiconline.com.gh.

The doctor added, “He agreed to repay the embezzled money by…

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