June 25, 2024

The question of whether Max Azzarello, the man who shockingly set himself ablaze outside the criminal trial involving Donald Trump’s hush money case in New York City on Friday, is a fervent supporter of the ex-president, has recently generated speculation.

In a web-posted manifesto and other putative writings from Azzarello, who hails from St. Augustine, Florida, it appears he neither leans towards Trump nor President Joe Biden’s political direction.

Furthermore, his political alignment does not seem to tether to any major U.S. political party. Strikingly, Azzarello alleges that the U.S. is covertly functioning as a “kleptocracy”, governed by supposedly feuding Democrats and Republicans.

On Friday afternoon, many bystanders and television news outlets witnessed the horrifying scene as Azzarello engulfed himself in fire after dousing himself with a combustible fluid in an area demarcated for Trump supporters near the courthouse.

Newsweek reporter Katherine Fung, who was present at the scene, reported that a sign Azzarello held beforehand contained a link directing towards a Substack post headlined, “I have set myself on fire outside the Trump Trial.”

Within this manifesto, Azzarello, who labels himself as an investigative researcher, wrote that his “exceptional act of protest” is meant to spotlight a crucial discovery which implicates Trump tangentially while taking a jab at cryptocurrency, labeling it a “Ponzi scheme” lorded over by the world’s uber-rich and dominant political entities.

He voiced his concerns over a looming “apocalyptic fascist world coup” orchestrated by a totalitarian government, though his claims might seem like a far-fetched conspiracy theory, he insists they are grounded upon conspiracy evidence.

Azzarello expressed his remorse to his friends, family, eyewitnesses and first responders for the distress he caused while assuring that this was a minor fraction compared to the impending affliction intended by the government. The last reports revealed that Azzarello was in a critical condition.

Newsweek has sent an email to the New York City Police Department (NYPD) notifying them for their statements in regard to the event, but no replies have been received.

Former President Donald Trump is seen during his criminal trial in New York City on Friday. Meanwhile, Instagram has photos of Max Azzarello, also seen here, setting himself on fire outside Trump’s trial on Friday afternoon.
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Sarah Yenesel; Instagram

Onlookers spotted flyers resembling printouts from Azzarello’s Substack papers, outlining the alleged conspiracy, strewn outside the courthouse. Prior to self-immolation, an Instagram account presumably belonging to Azzarello was flooded with multiple posts of the phrase “I love you”.

“Our government is robbing us blind”, he declared. “The divide between Democrats and Republicans is a cunning farce: Clinton was allied with Bush; Gore was allied with Bush; Hillary is with Trump, and so forth.”

His revelation- “We are victims of a concealed kleptocracy: Both parties are run by fiscal frauds whose primary goal is to rip us off while blaming rival parties as conditions worsen and prices soar, and while accumulating unimaginable wealth.”

Despite Azzarello’s ambiguous political stance, he reportedly volunteered for two Democratic congressional campaigns over a decade ago as mentioned on a LinkedIn profile sharing his name.

Last year, presumably, Azzarello legally challenged the Clinton Foundation, accusing the defendants of executing a “prolonged” Ponzi scheme that inflicted “sizable financial, emotional, psychological” injury to him and jeopardized his “health and safety.” These charges were swiftly overturned.

Simultaneously, Azzarello’s likely Instagram account states that “we’re casualties of a joint totalitarian treachery” and a displayed sign at the courthouse stated that “Trump is siding with Biden and they are soon going to launch a fascist coup [sic].”

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