June 15, 2024

Several users recently reported receiving emails claiming successful sales of their items on Rarible. Are these emails genuine? NO! Read on to understand the scam details and learn some vital NFT safety tips.

Decoding the Rarible/Eventbrite Email Scam:

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been a popular trend recently. Artists selling their NFTs on trading platforms like Rarible are thrilled to get notifications of successful sales and the opportunity to withdraw their earnings. However, these notifications could be phony!

Several individuals have [mentioned](https://www.reddit.com/r/Rarible/comments/1cnjv5c/i_just_got_an_email_that_i_sold_an_nft_from/) receiving an identical email on the same date indicating the same balance (1.3ETH) from the same sender.

Contents of Phony Rarible Email:

The email communicates that an item has been successfully sold on Rarible, confirming a balance of 1.3 ETH ready for withdrawal, and assures the recipient’s control over the withdrawal method and timing.

What are the Consequences of Falling for Rarible Email Scams?

Fraudulent Rarible emails appear as formal notifications from Rarible, notifying that an NFT listed on their platform has been sold. If you proceed with the email’s “withdraw balance” instructions, you’ll need to provide your crypto wallet details and seed phrase.

Be vigilant! If you submit these details, fraudsters can gain access to your crypto wallet and transfer all your cryptocurrencies, which would be nearly impossible to recover due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.

Spotting a Rarible Email Scam:

Despite the email’s authentic appearance, several red flags should alert you to its false nature:

– The email targets a broad audience instead of a specific user.
– It asks for private information like your seed phrase or wallet login credentials or directs you to an unofficial webpage or deceitful crypto website.
– The sender’s email address doesn’t match the official Rarible domain (@rarible.com). In most cases, it originates from a spoofed email address, noreply@campaign.eventbrite.com. There have been numerous reported instances of Eventbrite’s service being misused for [crypto scams](http://reddit.com/r/Scams/comments/1b4zihk/crypto_scam_from_real_email/).

Additional Red Flags in Fake NFT Emails:

– Impossibly attractive offers.
– A sense of urgency and pressure: The email may compel immediate action, for example, confirming your wallet address within a day.
– Errors in grammar and language.

Guarding Against Rarible Email Scams

– Directly access the official website without clicking on links or downloads from unverified sources.
– Verify the sender’s email address.
– Handle your sensitive data wisely. Refrain from sharing wallet addresses or private keys!

Please refer to this piece for additional guidance on avoiding NFT scams.

Securing Your Identity and Personal Information

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