June 25, 2024

The mere thought of credit fraud is appalling, but regrettably, it’s a grim truth that many may encounter. Thus, it becomes vital to safeguard your personal information meticulously and stay alert for skimmers who might pilfer your card details.

A research recently conducted by USA Today with Prolific unveiled that an Ohio city has witnessed a shocking nearly 300% surge in credit card fraud incidents:

General fraud allegations have doubled in 24 US cities. Additionally, 126 cities have reported a twofold rise in credit-card-specific fraud complaints since 2019. Tuscaloosa registered the second most number of complaints from January to September 2023, trailing only Miami. Dramatically, Tuscaloosa recorded the country’s most significant surge in credit card fraud and identity theft complaints compared to the same timeframe in 2019 — a staggering 359.8% hike.


Distressing Developments For Ohio

Springfield, Ohio, has found itself among cities like Lewiston, Maine, Monroe and Lafayette, Louisiana, where credit card fraud has alarmingly doubled, experiencing a disconcerting 296.2% hike, referring to a study by USA Today.

A Silver Lining For Ohio

Interestingly, among the nation’s larger cities, Cincinnati, Ohio, has recorded one of the lowest complaint rates and instances of credit fraud. So, it seems like the city dwellers are maintaining efficient safety measures. Nonetheless, it merely takes a few clicks or swipes to exhaust your account or impose impracticable charges on it.

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