December 7, 2023

(Photo : Pexels/Pixabay) credit cards

The administrators of the UniCC site that run the largest illegal marketplace on the darknet, offering stolen credit cards, announced that they are retiring after they’ve made around $358 million in operation.

The owners of UniCC remained anonymous, and they’ve thanked their patrons for the “success” of their illegal online business. The owners cited health and their age as reasons for the closure of the site.

Other illegal marketplaces on the darknet have also been shut down recently for unknown reasons. The police said that the trend had left them with mixed feelings.

The darknet is a part of the internet that can only be accessed via special browsing software, according to Bleeping Computer.

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UniCC is Shutting Down

The cryptocurrency experts at Elliptic traced crypto payments worth hundreds of millions of dollars to UniCC.

UniCC posted on darknet forums about their retirement in English and Russian. The anonymous criminals said that it is time for them to retire as they are no longer young and their health prevents them from working.

UniCC has been online since 2013, and they’ve posted…

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