February 24, 2024

bby Dickerson who was the Orioles minor league instructor, and he was the one who was sent to the Dominican to help with the Latin players, and the pitchers who were sent to the Dominican, were sent there to be taught, not to showcase them like they are now.

They went to strengthen the bullpen, but in reality, they weakened the starting pitching and the bullpens. This is all part of the baseball Ponzi Scheme that owners have allowed to happen, falling for the foolish promises of the Nerds who do not know how to build starting pitching. It is a gigantic Pitching Ponzi Scheme.

According to an evaluator, the emphasis on throwing hard instead of pitching has led to more injuries, resulting in less pitching and more injuries. It’s absurd and ridiculous. The question is, what are they teaching these players in the minors? The evaluator believes they are not teaching them anything, as they are too afraid of injuries. This fear has resulted in a staggering 45,000 missed days at a cost of $978 million last year for just the 1200 players in the big leagues. This is the hard truth.

Talking to real baseball people, it was revealed that back in the day, teams would take their top pitching instructor and place them in Rookie Ball. For example, the Orioles had Bobby Dickerson as their minor league instructor, and he was sent to the Dominican to help with the Latin players. The pitchers sent to the Dominican were there to be taught, not just to showcase them as they are now.

It’s clear that the focus on throwing hard instead of pitching is not working. The lack of proper training and development is leading to more injuries and a decline in quality pitching. As a result, teams are spending more and more money on pitching, but not seeing the desired results.

The Orioles, who once had four 20-game winners in 1971, understood the importance of building a strong starting rotation. They invested in their pitching instructor and sent him to work with their young players. This strategy paid off with a successful rotation and ultimately, a World Series win.

It’s time for teams to reevaluate their approach to pitching. Instead of focusing on throwing hard, they need to prioritize teaching and developing pitchers. This will not only lead to better pitching, but also a decrease in injuries and a more cost-effective approach for teams.

In the meantime, it’s important for fans to be aware of the scams and frauds that are prevalent in the world of online gaming and investing. The IRS has issued a warning about an elaborate trust tax scam, while a California man has pleaded guilty to running a $24 million Ponzi scheme. It’s important to stay informed and vigilant to avoid becoming a victim of these schemes.

In conclusion, it’s time for teams to prioritize proper training and development of pitchers instead of relying on the unsustainable strategy of throwing hard. This will lead to better pitching, fewer injuries, and ultimately, a more successful and cost-effective approach for teams. As for fans, it’s important to stay informed and cautious to avoid falling prey to scams and frauds in the world of online gaming and investing.

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