June 15, 2024

Two Culprits Apprehended in the Udharbond Fertilizer Fraud

Two individuals have been arrested in connection with the Udharbond Fertilizer scam. They were caught issuing counterfeit Kisan credit cards (KCCs). The cases have been developed and reported by Barak Bulletin.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Udharbond Fertilizer Scam?

The Udharbond Fertilizer scam is a fraudulent scheme where counterfeit Kisan credit cards were issued. The government provides these cards to farmers to purchase agricultural necessities like fertilizer. This scam is exploiting that system for fraudulent gain.

Who are the alleged culprits in the Udharbond Fertilizer Scam?

In the reported case, two individuals have been arrested in connection with the scam. Their identities have not been disclosed to the public for legal and security reasons.

What is a Kisan Credit Card?

A Kisan Credit Card (KCC) is a government issued card provided to farmers in India. The purpose of the card is to give farmers quick and ready access funds to purchase necessary agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, seeds, and pesticides. It is part of a wider initiative to boost productivity and mitigate financial strain on farmers. The misuse of these cards is considered a serious offense.