June 25, 2024

In the wake of the devastating 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, California, divorcee Tricia Cohen appeared as a godsend offering to rebuild homes for a minimal fee of $30,000. The city which had 26,000 residents was almost wiped out, claiming 85 lives and leaving 12,000 homes utterly ruined. Unfortunately, the woman who was embraced with grateful arms is currently on the run having defaulted on her promises, leaving victims in anguish and despair.

Cohen, 62, is sought by authorities for 16 charges of felony fraud **and** operating without a license in a disaster area. Catching her has been complex; she has seemingly vanished, and authorities suspect she may have escaped California.

Victims of Cohen’s swindle were initially victims of the Camp Fire itself, losing their homes in the turbulent act of nature, and then duped out of their insurance payouts by Cohen who they trusted implicitly. They had been acquainted with Cohen through local well-reputed Mormon individuals.

Several of these victims paid huge sums upfront to her construction outfit, Cubic Quarters LLC, enticed by the gift of a free television. Yet, all they received in return were excuses, and years later, their homes remain unfinished.

![Artist Steven Ferchaud][1]
*Steven Ferchaud, 64, lost all his belongings in the 2018 Camp Fire. He paid Cohen $218,000 for a house that she never built*

![Skeeter Schuette][2]
*Skeeter Schuette, 59, lived in an old transit bus provided by a charity for years after giving Cohen $150,000*

Some victims had to endure harsh living conditions when Cohen failed to deliver. One woman lived in a transit bus converted into a home by a charity, while others resorted to staying with friends or renting in nearby cities at an extra cost they could hardly afford. In the end, other contractors completed Cohen’s promised projects costing victims more money.

Among Cohen’s victims is Steven Ferchaud, a 64-year-old artist who survived the Camp fire losing everything but a grandfather’s ring. He handed Cohen $218,000 to rebuild his home, a promise she failed to deliver on. To date, Ferchaud has received no reimbursement and had to use an additional $355,000 from his life savings to have another contractor finish the project after Cohen made herself scarce. The artist hopes that justice will catch up with Cohen and hold her accountable before she can scam others.

The Paradise city has astonishingly recovered its population to up to 10,000, making it the fastest-growing Californian city for the second consecutive year.

![Devastated Paradise][3]
*The once-bustling city of Paradise suffered the Camp Fire in 2018, reducing it to ruins*

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the extent of the damage from the Paradise Camp Fire?

The 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, California, was one of the deadliest wildfires. It claimed the lives of 85 people and led to the destruction of 12,000 homes, reducing the city’s population from 26,000 to a meager 2000 in a short time.

How much did Cohen charge the fire victims for reconstructing their homes?

Tricia Cohen promised to rebuild homes for as little as $30,000. However, victims ended up spending more as she did not deliver on her promises. One of her victims, a 64-year old artist named Steven Ferchaud, ended up spending $355,000 from his life savings on another contractor to complete his home after paying Tricia Cohen $218,000.

What are thePendingcharges against Tricia Cohen?

Tricia Cohen is facing 16 felony counts of fraud and operating without a license in a disaster area. She allegedly defrauded several victims of the Camp Fire in Paradise, promising to rebuild their homes and failing to do so. She is currently on the run, and authorities have issued a warrant for her arrest.

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Despite promises made by a woman named Tricia Cohen, eight survivors of a devastating fire at Camp Fire have been taken in only to lose their money. As a separate scam, more individuals also lost a significant amount of cash to another contractor with the title Aurora Ridge Homes LLC, who also faced prosecution last year. More are pursuing a civil suit against manufacturer CMH Manufacturing West Inc., believing they were provided with inadequately constructed homes.

However, Cohen, the only deceptive contractor who hasn’t faced justice yet, has a history of fraud. Cohen, 62, was previously ordered to pay back more than $125,000 she scammed from her brothers. A federal tax lien of over $190,000 continues to dog her, causing her legal issues in multiple states. Susan Fascitelli, a woman who claims she was scammed by Cohen, filed a case when she failed to receive repayment for a $159,000 loan. Fascitelli claims she was deceived into lending the large sum to Cohen’s former company, Cohen Marketing International, and was misled about investments.

Cohen was able to penetrate Paradise, thanks to Amy Morris, a trustful native of the town and daughter of a highly respected local dentist (Dr. Brent Mackay). Later, Morris met Cohen after she posted in a Facebook group dedicated to survivors of the disaster, expressing her desire to assist. Despite the past fraudulent activities, Cohen ensnared more victims like Sharon O’Hara, who paid $195,000 towards Cohen’s housing project, but had to eventually fire her and pay an additional $100,000 to another contractor.

Cohen’s company, Cubic Quarters, was recently re-registered at a nondescript office building in Sacramento, under her name. However, there is no presence of the said firm at the location and no sign of Cohen was found.

### FAQ:

#### 1. Who is Tricia Cohen and what has she done?

Tricia Cohen is a contractor who exploited survivors of the Camp Fire. She failed to deliver on her promises after receiving large sums of money, causing them to lose significant amounts. Cohen’s history involves various fraud cases, unpaid loans, and evading justice.

#### 2. How many victims did Cohen affect in the Camp Fire survivor community?

At least eight Camp Fire survivors fell into Cohen’s scam and lost their money, although the actual number could be higher. Another contractor, Aurora Ridge Homes LLC, also led many victims into a similar scam.

#### 3. What are the allegations against Cohen’s company, Cohen Marketing International?

Cohen’s company is accused of misleading investors and not repaying loans. She allegedly operated a scam where she led people to believe they would receive substantial returns on their investment, which turned out to be non-existent.Amy Morris was completely charmed by Tricia Cohen, the seemingly devout woman who ran Cubic Quarters LLC, a construction business specializing in sourcing affordable materials from China. Morris was so impressed, she even advertised the business on a Facebook group, proclaiming that Cohen could build houses for as little as $30,000. This led to a flurry of interest, and soon, she hosted a party for Cubic Quarters at her mother’s house, where Cohen met potential clients like antiques seller Skeeter Schuette, artist Ferchaud, and waitress Sharon O’Hara.

Schuette, who had $150,000 in her account from her home insurance payout, was convinced by Cohen to build a new house for $152,000. She paid a deposit of $2,500 immediately, expecting the house to be completed by Christmas 2019. However, even as the months passed with hardly any progress, Cohen demanded more money for different construction materials. At this point, Morris was working as the unpaid saleswoman for Cubic Quarters, dedicating all her free time to the role.

O’Hara was the first to become suspicious. Despite paying Cohen $195,000 to build her home, no significant work had been done 18 months later. Frustrated by the slow progress, she began to complain, first to Morris, and then to Cohen herself. Eventually, she had to fire Cohen in August 2021, and she spent months begging for her money back – a plea that was never answered. In the end, she had to hire another contractor and shell out an extra $100,000 to get the job done.

Meanwhile, Schuette was living in a bus converted into a home by a charity called Badrap. She was discouraged from talking to O’Hara by both Morris and Cohen, and when she was shown the items that had been purchased for her home, she was shocked to find that the promised ‘custom fittings’ were just a sink from Costco and some Amazon returns. Through all this, she endured years of living in a temporary situation and lost time that will never be returned.

Morris, on the other hand, felt under increasing pressure from Cohen to find new clients, even as complaints started to pile up from existing customers. After cutting ties with Cubic Quarters, all of them, O’Hara, Schuette, and Ferchaud, lost all contact with both Morris and Cohen. Adding to the insult, Cohen hadn’t even paid the licensed contractor, Lamberto ‘Beto’ Uriostegui, she had hired to pour their concrete foundations, leading him to place liens on their homes. Uriostegui, too, became another victim listed on the criminal complaint against Cohen, which was filed in July 2022.

Butte County District Attorney Michael Ramsay confirmed that a warrant has been issued for Cohen on multiple counts of fraud. He insisted his office has been in touch with the victims and that they are actively trying to bring Cohen into custody.

### FAQ

#### What business did Tricia Cohen run?
Tricia Cohen ran a construction business called Cubic Quarters LLC.

#### What were the victims’ experience with Cubic Quarters LLC?
The victims – Amy Morris, Skeeter Schuette, Ferchaud, Sharon O’Hara – all experienced a lack of progress in their construction projects even after paying substantial amounts. They were constantly asked for more money, and when they severed ties with Cubic Quarters, they lost all contact with Cohen.

#### How did authorities react towards the victims’ complaints?
The complaints from the victims about Cohen were heard, an investigation was conducted, and a warrant for multiple counts of fraud has been issued against Cohen, according to Butte County District Attorney Michael Ramsay.DA Ramsay mentioned that efforts are in place to discover Cohen’s current location and devise methods for her apprehension and extradition, despite the unwillingness to assist in some locales.


Caption: *Locally based Colleen Corners has been instrumental in providing support for Cohen’s victims and has urged them to report their cases to the FBI.*

One suspected location is Washington State as suggested by Colleen Corners. Cohen’s fraudulent business, Cubic Quarters, was recently re-registered name pointing to a nondescript office on the fringes of Sacramento.

DailyMail.com made a recent visit, but the property’s workers had no knowledge of Cubic Quarters and there was no trace of Cohen.

While Cohen remains at large for the time being, others continue to grapple with the fallout. Amy Morris, one such individual, has reportedly been silenced by Cohen via a legally binding document barring her communication about their involvement.

Surprisingly, Morris stated she was unaware of the criminal charges and had avoided talking about it because she felt she would face legal ramifications if she disobeyed Cohen’s instructions.

Morris also confessed that she received no monetary compensation for her services to Cubic Quarters, and occasionally had to make payments out of her own pocket for the needs of the company’s clients.

Even after receiving multiple complaints, she remained convinced of Cohen’s legitimacy up until her exposure to the sixteen felony charges by DailyMail.com. She has expressed regret about getting involved with the business in the first place.

Ferchaud, Schuette, and O’Hara, all victims of the scam, have been financially impacted and their faith in people shaken by this experience, with all three hoping for justice.

Despite repeated attempts, DailyMail.com was unable to establish contact with Cohen.

### Frequently Asked Questions

**What can victims of Cohen’s scam do?**

Encountering such a situation may be disheartening. However, victims are encouraged to come forward and report their experiences to local authorities or the FBI to assist in bringing Cohen to justice.

**Who is Colleen Corners?**

Colleen Corners is a local woman who has supported victims of Cohen’s scam. She also encourages them to report their cases to the FBI. Her efforts are instrumental in bringing Cohen’s activities to light.

**Do we have any knowledge about Cohen’s current whereabouts?**

The authorities are working towards finding Cohen’s current location to facilitate her arrest and extradition. Some speculate she could be located in Washington State.