June 30, 2022

When The Simpsons 34th season premiers in fall 2022, it will feature the show’s 750th episode. This kind of longevity is matched by few TV shows, and it’s no surprise that it’s the longest-running sitcom on television.

Throughout this run, the first family of American comedy has romped through their hometown of Springfield, giving the audience the chance to see the city in all her glory (or folly). Though it’s hardly considered a foodie’s paradise, there are definitely some spots not to be missed when planning a trip through Springfield.

Skinner’s Kitchen

Principal Skinner invites Superintendent Chalmers over for a home-cooked lunch in “22 Short Films About Springfield.” Skinner burns his roast, and his attempt to pass off fast-food hamburgers as his own ends in the near destruction of his whole house.


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Skinner’s kitchen only serves one item: patented Skinner burgers, or “Steamed hams” as they say in Albany. Come for the food, but stay for an incredibly private viewing of the Aurora Borealis, which manifests and localizes itself entirely within the confines of the kitchen.

Lard Lad Donuts

If it’s Homer’s favorite donut shop, Lard Lad must be doing something right. The town’s best pastry shop is nestled comfortably on Fast-Food Boulevard, where citizens can usually find Springfield’s distinguished police chief Wiggum.

The donuts at Lard Lad…

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