June 16, 2024
An interesting trend we’re witnessing in the tech landscape this week revolves around AI-driven solutions.

AI Innovations: A Peek into SAP’s Sapphire Conference

The SAP Sapphire Conference showcases how AI can enhance creativity while automating tasks. It’s a glimpse into how SAP envisages AI’s future and how it might drive problem-solving. The conference, scheduled for the 5th and 6th of June, includes a series of keynotes and workshops. Renowned actress, producer, and founder of Hello Sunshine, Reese Witherspoon, graces the event as the celebrity keynote.

The key focus of this conference is the presentation of AI Business Innovations. According to SAP, the company intends to incorporate AI into its enterprise cloud suite, thus making data insights readily accessible for users and promoting more informed decision-making. SAP SuccessFactors, for example, utilizes AI-generated reports to offer managers essential insights for compensation discussions.

Addressing these innovations, SAP’s CEO, Christian Klein, expressed that the company aims to revolutionize business operations with AI. Furthermore, SAP plans to extend its generative AI copilot, Joule, across their solution portfolio. This tool aids in organizing and contextualizing disparate data sources for improved decision-making.

SAP also pledged allegiance to the ethical use of AI, adhering to the 10 guiding principles of the UNESCO Recommendation on AI Ethics.

The Rising Fraud Threat

Appriss Retail, a data and analytics solutions provider, unveiled a report revealing a new, sophisticated fraudulent technique referred to as “claims and appeasements” fraud. This method involves consumers falsely claiming that their online orders didn’t arrive as promised or arrived damaged, consequently demanding a refund from the retailer. This form of contemporary fraud is reportedly costing companies up to $35 billion annually.

Michael Osborne, CEO of Appriss Retail, commented on the problem, stating how e-commerce and the simultaneous rise of omnichannel shopping has encouraged fraudsters using false online claims to dupe retailers. According to Osborne, AI advancements can help control this issue.

[h2]Wix.com Ltd and the Power of AI Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of embedding AI into SAP’s enterprise cloud suite?

The primary goal of embedding AI into SAP’s cloud suite is to facilitate quick and easy access to actionable insights for its users. This would empower users to make more informed decisions and enable better overall business performance.

What is meant by ‘claims and appeasements fraud’, and what impact is it having on the retail industry?

Claims and appeasements fraud involves consumers falsely claiming that they either didn’t receive an online order, received it late, or that the item received was damaged. Retailers are thus forced to provide either a refund or some form of appeasement. This form of fraud is reportedly costing retail businesses up to $35 billion each year.

What is Wix’s latest AI-tool offering?

Wix recently introduced several AI-driven tools for its Wix Studio solution: the AI Image Creator, the Object Eraser, and the AI Image Editor. These tools are designed to diversify the user design experience and enhance its usability with AI.