June 25, 2024

Suspected Credit Card Fraud Involving Sisters | News | Jamaica Star

April 10, 2024

Officers are on the hunt for a woman, believed to have aided her sister, now before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, in an illicit operation to defraud a man of approximately $500,000 via his credit card.

This suspicion was brought to light on Monday when the defendant, Aisha Wright, stood before the presiding Senior Parish Judge, Sanchia Burrell. Allegedly, the victim’s credit card was pilfered, and $450,000 was funneled into Wright’s Cashapp account.

Upon questioning, Wright purportedly confessed to detectives that the credit card was swiped by her sister who then transferred the bulk sum to her account. They subsequently divided the spoils. Consequently, charges for fraudulent conspiracy, receiving purloined property and illicitly making device or data available for the execution of a crime were leveled against Wright.

However, the district attorney apprised the senior judicial officer that they have as yet been unsuccessful in their attempts to collar Wright’s sister.

“We have visited the address listed in our files multiple times, but she’s never there. She appears to be evading capture,” the district attorney disclosed.

The case was postponed until May 1, awaiting collation of necessary documents, and Wright was served with a fingerprint order.


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