July 17, 2024

A recent police operation in Sri Lanka has led to the detention of approximately 200 individuals, mostly of Indian origin, who are purportedly involved in digital financial scams, as stated in a report on Saturday.

According to the Criminal Investigations Department, funds gathered through these fraudulent activities had been transferred to banks located in India, the UK, and Dubai.

NewsFirst.lk, a news website, cited officials from the Criminal Investigation Department. They highlighted that among the arrestees were nationals from Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China, with Indians making up the majority.

Around 400 computers, which are believed to have been utilized by these suspects, are now under investigation.

Further details revealed that on Thursday, 60 Indians were apprehended from the Madiwela and Battaramulla suburbs of Colombo and the coastal town of Negombo on the west coast. This was confirmed by SSP Nihal Thalduwa, the police spokesperson, on Friday.

The CID carried out coordinated raids, which resulted in the confiscation of 135 mobile phones and 57 laptops.

The actions followed a complaint from an individual who was tricked into joining a WhatsApp group that offered financial compensation for social media engagement.

Police authorities indicated that this operation uncovered international connections, notably in Dubai and Afghanistan. The victims were identified as a mix of local and foreign individuals.

Kindly note that apart from the title, this story has remained unaltered from the original syndicated report.

## Frequently Asked Questions
### What led to these arrests?
Responding to a complaint, Sri Lankan Police carried out coordinated raids leading to the arrest of 200 individuals allegedly involved in online financial scams. Most detainees were of Indian origin.

### What items were confiscated during the arrest?
During the arrest, around 400 computers believed to have been used by these suspects were seized. Additionally, police confiscated 135 mobile phones and 57 laptops.

### Are there international links to these digital financial scams?
Yes, police authorities indicated that their investigations uncovered connections in Dubai and Afghanistan. It was also found that the funds obtained through these fraudulent activities were deposited in banks located in the UK, Dubai, and India.