July 24, 2024

An online dating scam involving Mosh Pub in Madhapur, Hyderabad has seen seven people arrested. The public place was a hotspot for luring victims who would be persuaded to rack up hefty food and drink tabs.

![Mosh Pub, Madhapur, Hyderabad](https://investmentshoax.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/06/moshpub.jpg)

On Wednesday, officers from the Madhapur Police detained seven individuals linked to the fraudulent scheme, with reports from [tv9 telugu](https://tv9telugu.com/crime/police-arrest-seven-in-mosh-pub-case-363014.html).

Officers verified the suspects as Akash Kumar, Akshat, Suraj Kumar, Shivraj Nayak, Mohit Kumar, pub owner Tarun, Ghanta Jagdish, and Navodaya, all hailing from the capital, Delhi. Madhapur DCP Vineet informed reporters of the impending cancellation of the pub’s license.

Victims were enticed using dating apps under the facade of attractive female profiles. Matches led to invitations to Mosh Pub where victims were coerced into paying extravagant tabs of up to Rs 45,000. Fraudulent earnings were divided between the pub owner, the organizers, and the women impersonated online.

Devils Night Club Gang’s Deceptive Practices

Originating in Delhi and posing as a nightclub, the gang recruited women to create accounts on various dating apps like Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble.

Once a match occurred, a gang member maintained interactions, eventually persuading the victim to visit the pub, where they’d be coaxed into spending large sums of money. Over 45 days, the gang reportedly scammed between 50 and 60 customers, amassing Rs 30 lakh.

Despite their primary base in Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad, they had plans for a potential extension to Nagpur. The authorities have seized eight mobile phones and two vehicles, valued at Rs 40 lakh, as part of their investigation.

Madhapur Police, Cyberabad has registered a case under IPC sections 406, 419, 420 to address the ongoing investigation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How were victims lured into this scam?

Victims were tricked by false profiles on dating apps. These profiles, operated by gang members, would match with victims, engage in discussions, and invite them to Mosh Pub where they were forced into footing hefty bills.

2. How much did victims typically lose in this scam?

Victims were tricked into spending large sums, with reported bills as high as Rs 45,000. Over a span of 45 days, the scam affected between 50-60 customers, resulting in illicit earnings of around Rs 30 lakh.

3. How did the authorities respond to this case?

Upon tracing the nexus, Madhapur Police arrested seven suspects, mainly from Delhi. The Police also committed to revoking the pub’s license. The investigation is in progress, with a case under IPC sections 406, 419, 420 filed at Madhapur Police station, Cyberabad.