February 24, 2024

Beware: The ‘Selena Gomez Le Creuset Giveaway’ is a Scam

In a sophisticated digital ploy targeting fans of Selena Gomez and cooking enthusiasts, scammers have unleashed a fraudulent giveaway dubbed the Selena Gomez Le Creuset Giveaway. This scam, widely circulating on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, leverages deep fake technology and counterfeit testimonials to simulate Gomez’s personal involvement in the promotion of free Le Creuset cookware sets.

The Deception Unveiled

The scam initially ensnares victims with compelling ads and deepfake videos in which Gomez appears to brim with excitement about the free Le Creuset sets giveaway. These materials, designed to mimic legitimate news outlets, redirect users to websites claiming to coordinate the giveaway. However, these platforms—wingeniusnow.com and big-wins2.com—are far from legitimate. They are, in fact, malicious sites with hidden WHOIS information, suggesting a lack of transparency and a key red flag for scams.

Unsuspecting Victims and the Costly Aftermath

Once on these sites, users are asked to complete deceptive surveys and provide personal information under the false pretense of shipping their prizes. The most harmful facet of this scam emerges when victims are enticed to disclose their credit card details to cover nominal shipping costs. In reality, these details are misused to commit financial fraud, with victims unwittingly signing up for monthly charges of $89.95, in addition to the initial shipping fee.

A Broader Pattern of Online Fraud

This scam is not an isolated incident. It forms part of a wider pattern of online fraud that exploits the reputations of celebrities and popular brands. Other notable examples include scams using the names of YouTuber Mr Beast, online clothing store Shein, KOHL’S, and celebrity chef Guy Fieri. Protection against such scams involves vigilance, education about common scam strategies, and prompt action, such as contacting financial institutions, changing passwords, monitoring accounts, reporting the scam, and checking computers for malware, if one falls prey.

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