February 24, 2024

(WJAR) — From data breaches to robocalls to phishing emails, it feels like scammers are attacking us from every angle.

That’s why NBC10 is starting a weekly series called “Scams with Steve,” where scam expert Steve Weisman talks about some of the biggest threats right now.

This week, Weisman shared some news about gift card scams.

Apple just settled a lawsuit brought against it by people who had been scammed and used Apple gift cards to pay their scammers.

Weisman said Apple had tried to argue that it was not responsible because it told people not to give the gift card numbers to anyone they did not know personally and that Apple had a no refund policy.

However, Weisman said Apple settled when it became known that Apple not only held paid gift card funds for between four and six weeks, but also kept 30% of the gift cards’ value as a commission. That means Apple was profiting from the scams.

Weisman said that means many of these gift card companies, who’ve let scammers get away with this for years, may finally be facing the music.

He said there was also a class action lawsuit filed against InComm Financial Services, the maker of Visa Vanilla gift cards.

Weisman also explained how your credit card might reimburse you if your gift card is drained by a scammer.

Another important tip? Weisman said, if you’re going to purchase a gift card, try to buy it from a retailer that keeps gift cards behind the counter.

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