July 17, 2024

Renowned online creator has raised eyebrows concerning the actual value of emergency food kits.

The tendency to stockpile emergency food kits soared during the pandemic. While millionaires purchased private bunkers, ordinary people also sought methods to prepare for crises, with food kits emerging as a popular choice. But according to TikTok content creator, Yodie (@yodietv), these kits are nothing more than a rip-off. In his critical review of a Readywise food kit – a leading company of survival food – he labels the items as a scam.

Are Readywise Food Kits Fraudulent?

In a viral video with over 1.6 million views, Yodie proclaims the survival food industry as a scam while showcasing a Readywise food kit. In his words, “They profit off people’s emotions”. Proceeding to unpack the kit, he notes that most would not see inside it until a disaster occurred. Caught up in curiosity, Yodie decided to unseal his bucket and inspect the contents.

Video Screenshots | TikTok | @yodietv

Drawing out colourful packaged food bags from the bucket, he criticises the quantity provided in relation to its cost. He firmly believes that for $150, one could acquire a significantly larger amount of food elsewhere. He ends his video by reemphasising his stance: the bucket doesn’t justify its price tag.

Video Screenshots | TikTok | @yodietv
Video Screenshots | TikTok | @yodietv

Despite his persuasive points, the majority of his viewers disagreed. Many pointed out that customers pay not for food quantity, but its long shelf life. Readywise’s website lists a 25-year shelf life for their products and accepts returns if the food deteriorates earlier. “You’re paying for the food’s lifespan”, says commenter @aboytoaman.

Comments ScreenShot | TikTok | @aboytoaman
Comments ScreenShot | TikTok | @aboytoaman

Several other viewers defended the bucket’s value, highlighting its usefulness in a crisis. They argued that when rehydrated, the overall food quantity would significantly increase. “When a real emergency arises and there’s no food available, you’ll realise it was worth every cent”, suggested viewer @timdan70.

Comments ScreenShot | TikTok | @timdan70
Comments ScreenShot | TikTok |@timdan70

Regardless, Yodie holds firm to his stand, illustrating in another video that even when rehydrated and cooked, the food volume didn’t justify the price.

Is it Worth Buying Emergency Food Kits?

A Business Insider review of emergency food kits indicates that they could be worth the investment. In places susceptible to natural calamities or geopolitical instability, these kits might prove handy. Given the global unrest and increasing occurrence of disasters, their relevance cannot be denied.

However, food specialists at Food Assets suggest otherwise, much like our TikTok creator. Their reasons include poor nutritional quality, high amounts of salt, sugar, fillers, and ultra-processed types of food. Therefore, they advise against purchasing emergency food kits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in Readywise’s food kits?

Readywise’s survival food kits are designed to last 25 years and generally include dehydrated and freeze-dried foods packaged in Mylar pouches. The contents of the kits can vary, but typically include a mix of breakfasts, mains, sides, and drinks.

What factors should be considered when buying a survival food kit?

When purchasing a survival food kit, consider factors like shelf-life, nutritional value, ease of preparation, taste, and cost. It’s also essential to consider your dietary needs and preferences as well as the number of people it needs to serve.

Are emergency food kits necessary for emergency preparedness?

While not the only element of emergency preparedness, having a stockpile of long-lasting food can be beneficial in times of crisis. However, it’s equally important to have a supply of clean water, a first-aid kit, and other necessary supplies, as well as a plan in case of emergency.