May 26, 2022

People are on the hunt for jobs that offer better flexibility. But a warning before you say yes to that new position.

With many people not wanting to go back to the office full time in 2022, many of us are looking for flexible jobs that we can do from home.

But if you are looking for a new, more flexible gig, the Better Business Bureau wants you to take heed to this warning.

Laurie Obermeyer is a freelance graphic designer who lost a lot of work during the pandemic and needed something a little more stable. So she started job hunting on LinkedIn and Monster and found a great paying graphics position.

“They contacted me, said they looked at my resume,” said Obermeyer.

The company, Granite Construction of Lansing, said she was perfect. 

“Congratulations, we picked you for a graphic designer,” the company said.

But first, the company said she needed to send money for equipment. 

“They were going to send me some things to build a remote office, a Mac,” said Obermeyer.

After a little online research, Obermeyer realized it’s all a scam to get her money. 


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