June 16, 2024

Source: San Mateo Police Department

The San Mateo Police Department, as per KRON, has taken into custody three men for a series of roofing scams, particularly targetting elderly locals of San Mateo.

The initial scam in this series was reported in November 2023. During investigation, officials came across a group of white Irish-accented men who were running a sham construction company, “Statewide Roofing and Siding.” The scam was primarily focussing on older residents, as said by the police.

The police mentioned, Statewide Roofing and Siding, was using a counterfeit contractor’s license and unjustly charging clients for construction work that were “left unfinished and possibly even unnecessary”.

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In another incident reported on May 7, SMPD received a complaint from a victim who had hired a roofing company to repair his mother’s house roof. The company, after a supposedly “free” roof inspection, reported minor repair requirements and was subsequently employed for the job, as stated by the police.

The roofing company, however, kept inflating the bill, claiming the necessity of additional work until they proposed the complete replacement of the roof, according to police.

Detectives found while investigating the scam on May 7, that the suspects were using fake identities and another counterfeit company name, “Teco Roofing and Masonry.” The very next day, May 8, saw the officers shut down the scam and take the three accused into custody.

Charlotte Anderson, 22, David Anderson, 39, and Darren Temple, 40, were the names of the culprits. All three were natives of Virginia.

The suspects were charged with the following crimes, and they were imprisoned in the San Mateo County Jail:

  • Swindling from an elder or dependent adult
  • Extracting money under false pretexts
  • Illegitimately using a counterfeit contractor’s license
  • Hatching a conspiracy for crime

More victims are being sought by San Mateo Police Department in this ongoing investigation.

People who have appointed “Statewide Roofing and Siding” or “Teco Roofing and Masonry” for any roofing service are requested to connect with Officer Thornburg at the San Mateo Police Department.

## Frequently Asked Questions

### How does police know the roofing scam targeted elderly residents?
The scam came to light when elderly residents in San Mateo started reporting irregularities and overcharging by a roofing company. The company’s actions and methodology indicated that they were specifically preying on older, perhaps less technology-savvy individuals, which made the elderly residents an easy target.

### How did the culprits carry out the roofing scam?
The culprits used a false construction company, “Statewide Roofing and Siding,” and a counterfeit contractor’s license to target unsuspecting victims. The scam usually began with a “free” roof inspection, during which they would propose minor repairs. However, the culprits would take advantage of the situation, inflate repair costs, suggest extra work, and ultimately propose a full roof replacement, thereby scamming victims out of their money.

### What is the status of the investigation into the roofing scam?
The San Mateo Police Department successfully arrested the three culprits involved in the scam. However, the investigation is still ongoing, with the police actively seeking more victims. The community members are being asked to come forward if they have availed services from “Statewide Roofing and Siding” or “Teco Roofing and Masonry”.