July 17, 2024

Displayed above (from left to right): Charle Anderson, Darren Temple, David Anderson. Image credit: San Mateo PD

The San Mateo Police Department has shared news about three arrests related to a widespread roofing scam perpetuated against the elderly population. Initiated in November 2023, this particular investigation has now resulted in apprehensions.

The investigating team from San Mateo Police declared that a group comprised of white males perceived to have “Irish accents” were suspected of participating in financial stings and overpriced services. They reportedly misrepresented themselves using a counterfeit construction company, “Statewide Roofing and Siding”, utilizing a fraudulent contractor license while excessively billing victims for unfinished or unnecessary tasks.

Further collaborative investigations with other area police departments revealed more victims scammed under similar circumstances.

A report was filed on May 7 by a complainant who suspected his mother’s home repairs were a scam. A “complimentary” roof inspection escalated to minor repairs and eventually suggested a full roof replacement, while charges were continually added.

Further investigation determined that the suspects were using pseudonyms and other false business identities like “Teco Roofing and Masonry”.

On May 8, three individuals linked with the scam were identified and detained. The arrested persons include Charlie Anderson (22), David Anderson (39) and Darren Temple (40).The trio have been charged with elder theft, obtaining funds under false pretense, fraudulent use of a contractor’s license, and conspiracy.

Currently, all three suspects are held at the San Mateo County jail.

The San Mateo Police Department is actively pursuing additional leads and investigating further. If anyone has fallen victim to scams by “Statewide Roofing and Siding” or “Teco Roofing and Masonry”, they should come forward.

If you have relevant information regarding this case, please reach out to Officer Thornburg at the San Mateo Police Department on (650) 522 – 7522 ex. 5153.

## Frequently Asked Questions

### Who are the individuals arrested in connection with the roofing scam in San Mateo?
The individuals arrested are Charlie Anderson (22), David Anderson (39), and Darren Temple (40). They have been linked to extensive fraudulent scheming involving roofing services.

### What were the fake company names used in the scam?
The group of individuals defrauded their victims by misrepresenting themselves under the guise of two fake companies: “Statewide Roofing and Siding” and “Teco Roofing and Masonry”.

### How can potential victims report information about the scam?
Potential victims or anyone with relevant information can contact Officer Thornburg at the San Mateo Police Department at the following number: (650) 522 – 7522 ex. 5153. Individuals who suspect they’ve fallen victim to the scam are strongly encouraged to come forward.