December 7, 2023

Goa: Saligao comunidade drills another nail in ‘illegal’ commercial project |

The Sword of Damocles is hanging on some members of former managing committee of Saligao Comunidade for allegedly conspiring to construct an illegal commercial project by encroaching on comunidade land and also defrauding the comunidade.

The new managing committee, which took the reins of the Saligao Comunidade in June last year, has washed its hands off from the controversial commercial project, stating that the project was a private initiative of the promoters/investors, which includes a former president and attorney of the comunidade.

Incidentally, the Deputy Director of Panchayat (Dy DoP) in September 2021 had said that no valid permission had been obtained to build the commercial project and ordered demolition of the huge ground plus two structure in the heart of Saligao village.

According to the new managing committee, the promoters of the project including a former president and attorney misused the name of Saligao Comunidade to collect funds and to get through the officialdom.

The managing committee has also said that an FIR will be filed before the police regarding financial fraud against those involved in opening, operating and withdrawing funds from an unlawful bank account and issuing receipts of Saligao comunidade for deposits in the account and for encroachment on comunidade land.

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