November 29, 2023

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) – For many taxpayers receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service can be an unsettling experience. Not knowing the actual status of your return can be even more perplexing.

A Brazos Valley resident wants to warn others ahead of tax season to stay on top of your returns and call the IRS when in doubt.

Charles Rogers of College Station prides himself on paying his taxes ahead of the deadline, but a recent trip to his mailbox left him worrying about his return. He received a notice stating that the IRS does not have a tax return on file for him and warned that if he didn’t send his return promptly, he would lose credit for the taxes paid in 2020.

“I got a notice in the mail Tuesday from the IRS saying they had not received my 2020 tax forms, and I knew they had received it because they cashed my check,” said Rogers. “The letter acknowledged that I had a credit with the IRS but said, if I didn’t file my forms immediately, they would confiscate my credit basically.”

Instead of doing what the letter from the IRS said, Rogers decided to call to get a better understanding. It’s something that he says he’s glad he did.

“I called and waited on hold for about 40 minutes and finally got in touch with someone,” said Rogers. “They said that the computer has sent the notices out automatically and that the IRS was behind in processing returns and to give them about 16 weeks to get it processed.”

Rogers says the instructions became…

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