November 29, 2023

The color-changing lights and futuristic look of Razer’s Zephyr and Zephyr Pro face masks almost made everyone forget what masks are actually supposed to do: Protect wearers from COVID.

The kerfuffle around Razer recently removing “N95 grade” language from mask descriptions is certainly not a good look for the gaming gear company. But it’s also a reminder to anyone in the market for a mask, test, or other COVID-related product in the wake of the Omicron variant surge to not take a company’s claims at face value.

Sounding like official medical information by using jargon and putting up difficult-to-understand graphs doesn’t make that information sound, or the product worthwhile. That’s true for all sorts of health products, but when it comes to protecting against COVID, it might be all the more important to you.

Here’s how a skeptical reviewer helped call out Razer’s dangerous marketing of the futuristic-looking mask with changing, customizable lights and a cool translucent cover. And how you can protect yourself when shopping for COVID protection.

Razer removed this entire section of its website that gave readers the impression they’d be getting “N95 grade” protection.

While the Zephyr came out in mid-2021, Razer launched the Pro version of the mask, containing voice amplification, at CES during the first week of January. Marketing materials gave the impression that both masks offered N95 grade protection, which are supposed to seal around your face and…

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