February 24, 2024

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

Former actor Kraison Saenganan fell victim to an online scam that swindled him out of nearly 7 million baht (US$196,629), a significant sum that came to light when he filed a police report in Bangkok. The 66 year old veteran of the silver screen, also known by his screen name Leela Mekintharin, was duped by a fraudulent investment scheme that led to a substantial financial loss.

Today, January 29, 66 year old Kraison approached the press, revealing the deceit that he had fallen prey to a scam. He had been enticed to invest and transfer a large sum of money via the messaging app LINE. Realising that he had been scammed, he complained to the swindlers about their conspiracy to commit fraud.

The incident initially occurred on December 26, around 5.18pm at his residence in Chiang Mai. It was only later, while in Bangkok, that he became certain of the deceit and proceeded to file an official complaint to seek justice against the culprits.

The investigation is being handled by Deputy Inspector Ratchachai Piyawaj, of the Bang Khen Police Station in Bangkok. Kraison’s decision to file the complaint there was due to his presence in the capital at the time he realised the scam. He reported that the fraudsters had identified him and communicated via social media, convincing him to trust and engage with a scammer using the LINE account name Annop Sukhumphan.

The criminals manipulated Kraison into downloading the JTFSE application for stock trading,…

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