July 17, 2024

According to Plymouth homeowners, Steve Docchio made promising remarks about having their pool projects completed by Memorial day. However, many of these projects remained unfinished, according to an 88-page indictment. Docchio was arrested on July 17 on charges of high speed on Route 3.

Docchio, 56, failed to show up at several court appearances, resulting in an arrest warrant. He is being charged with nearly 20 counts related to unregulated work under Xtreme Living Pools and Spas. Prosecutors also believe he illegally obtained $85,000 in pandemic unemployment assistance.

On July 18, Docchio had his arraignment in Brockton Superior Court and his cash bail was set at $50,000. It remains unconfirmed whether he posted bail. Pending his trial, he is mandated to wear a GPS monitor, live under house arrest, abstain from home contracting work, and surrender his passport.

Docchio, who claims property ownership in Brazil, reportedly made several trips there.

![Docchio’s Abandoned Job Site](https://investmentshoax.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/80204659-eae0-4455-a66d-79be7ffd668f-pool.jpeg)

Unfinished Pool Work Totaling Nearly $1M According to Indictment

As the pandemic ignited the homeowners’ desire for swimming pools, Docchio leveraged that demand to feather his own nest, revealed the news release from Cruz’s office. Reportedly, Docchio amassed over $850,000 in claims for unfinished tasks.

Statements from Cruz’s office reveal that when homeowners questioned him about the no-show progress on projects, Docchio would make false claims about ordered materials arriving soon, before eventually abandoning the projects after receiving several payments.

Homeowners were left to rectify the damages caused by faulty or incomplete work, often requiring them to hire replacement contractors at further costs. Docchio’s accusations span multiple South Shore locations including Duxbury, Hanover, Norwell and Plymouth, with similar instances in Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island as well.

Docchio’s unlawful actions resulted in a three-year prison sentence for larceny in Connecticut. The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation ousted him from the contracting industry last year, as he didn’t possess an active home improvement contractor’s license.

At the time of his arrest, he was engaged in a Norwell project, reveals the indictment.

Docchio’s Charges Span Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and Larceny

Docchio is charged with numerous counts incorporating home improvement contracting violation, property larceny, tax evasion, filing a false statement, state building code violations, and money laundering.

The indictment further alleges he provided false information to local building departments to cover the absence of a construction license. Furthermore, to conceal the sum he pocketed from property owners for abandoned projects, he failed to file taxes for three years.

Docchio also pledged false ratings for his company on online review sites. He is set to return to court on Aug. 23.

One Couple Associates Their Separation with His Actions

  • The prolonged and overlapping work schedules impelled several homeowners to seek legal action.
  • In many cases, homeowners discovered that their equipment had never been ordered by contacting vendors directly.
  • The indictment remarks on his employment of inexperienced day laborers, many of whom struggled to understand English and Docchio, who threatened to report them to immigration services for mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What traces did Steve Docchio leave?

Steve Docchio, a contractor from Plymouth, is accused of amassing more than $850,000 in claims for unfinished pool project work. He allegedly made empty promises to homeowners and would stop work altogether after receiving multiple payments.

What charges does Steve Docchio face?

Steve Docchio faces numerous charges, including home improvement contracting violation, property larceny, tax evasion, filing false statements under penalty of perjury, violation of state building codes, and money laundering. His arrest followed multiple missed court appearances and traffic violations.

What consequences did homeowners face because of Steve Docchio’s actions?

Many homeowners were left with half-done projects and had to spend extra money on hiring replacement contractors to complete the work or correct the damage. His actions also caused severe stress, prompting one couple to attribute their divorce to him.