July 24, 2024

There are both benefits and drawbacks to social media, but it’s great when knowledgeable people are willing to help shield us from scams. One mechanic took to TikTok to reveal a specific online car buying scam.

This professional explained that scammers create websites resembling online car dealerships. Customers can apply for credit, provide personal information such as social security numbers and even make a deposit, only to realize too late that the car is never delivered.

Unfortunately, many of these fraudulent dealers replicate the details of legitimate businesses, which also suffer the consequences of unwarranted negative reviews and bad publicity.

The mechanic advised viewers to verify the identity of the dealer by phone or visiting in person before making any purchases or supplying sensitive information. He concluded his video by expressing his anger at the need to share such a warning.

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TikTok users had quite a bit to say about the mechanic’s revelation. One commented on their personal approach to car buying, while others voiced their disdain for the deception.

Remember, stay vigilant to avoid falling victim to scams. Also, check out this intriguing story about a Costco shopper who devised a plan to reclaim her stolen cart!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the car-buying scam that was mentioned?

The mechanic talked about scammers creating websites that look like online car dealerships. They coax people into filling out credit applications, request a deposit, and promise to deliver the car upon the receipt of payment. But, the vehicle is never delivered and your personal information is compromised.

How can I avoid falling victim to such car-buying scams?

The mechanic suggested verifying the identity of the seller by phone call or in-person visit before making any payments or handing over personal information. Checking online reviews and doing a thorough background check on the dealer could also be helpful.

Why is this scam damaging to legitimate car dealerships?

Many scammers use the information of real car dealerships in these fraudulent activities. This results in undeserved negative reviews and damage to the reputation of the legitimate business.