July 17, 2024

Two individuals from Ohio have been apprehended in relation to a scam executed in Bourbon County, thanks to the FBI’s assistance.

The Bourbon County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) stated that, on June 4, deputies were engaged to interact with a victim related to a likely scam where individuals were impersonating IRS agents.

The scam commenced on April 16, as per the victim who got an email which stated her account was compromised. After clicking on the included link, she received a call from people pretending to be IRS agents.

The self-proclaimed “agents” told the victim her finances weren’t secure and should be moved to a “federal safety locker.” This process involved bank withdrawals, bitcoin deposits, and wiring money to a New York account for gold bars.

The scammers maintained near constant contact with the victim throughout the process.

After the completion of the steps, they allegedly coerced the victim into repeating the steps. Fortunately, she could get in touch with BCSO while these transactions were happening for the second time.

BCSO deputies sought assistance from the FBI, who were experienced in dealing with such scams.

In coordination with the FBI, BCSO monitored the victim’s phone calls with the “IRS agents,” and overheard plans to gather a second set of gold bars.

On June 11, two individuals with an Ohio number plate were observed collecting a package at the victim’s residence, stated the authorities.

![Ohio Men Mugshots](https://investmentshoax.com/image.jpg)

26-year-old Akshay Priyadarshi was arrested with Sanjaybhai Patel, 29, in Bourbon County Detention Center.

Both Sanjaybhai Patel, 29, and Akshay Rai Priyadarshi, 26, from Beaver Creek, Ohio, face charges for conspiring to commit theft by deception amounting to over $10,000.

Both men are being held at the Bourbon County Detention Center currently. Sherrif Asbury acknowledged the dedicated work by the deputies to provide the victim with relief and their commitment to their community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of the scam?

The scam involves the culprits posing as IRS agents and convincing the victim to shift their unsafe finances to a federal safety locker. The victim is asked to withdraw money from their bank, deposit it into a bitcoin center, and then further wire money to a New York account to buy gold bars.

How did the authorities catch the culprits?

The victim managed to contact BCSO while being pressured into repeating the transaction process. BCSO, in coordination with the FBI, then listened in on phone calls between the victim and the scammers. The culprits were caught while collecting a second batch of gold bars from the victim’s house.

What charges do the culprits face?

Both culprits, Sanjaybhai Patel, 29, and Akshay Rai Priyadarshi, 26, face charges for conspiring to commit theft by deception over $10,000.