November 29, 2023

Bishop Sycamore, the alleged Ohio charter school that raised concerns when the football program was blown out by IMG Academy in an ESPN showcase earlier this year, was determined to be a “scam.”

The Ohio Department of Education released its report about its investigation into Bishop Sycamore on Friday that the so-called online charter school was in fact a “scam” and “not a school.”


Bishop Sycamore was blown out by IMG Academy and it was downhill from there.

“Unfortunately, the facts suggest that Bishop Sycamore High School was and is, in fact, a scam. To that end, the head coach of the Bishop Sycamore football team confirmed what has become apparent to everyone: Bishop Sycamore is not a school,” the report read.

“Bishop Sycamore was a way for students to play football against high school teams and potentially increase students’ prospects of playing football at the collegiate level. The cost of this dream for those students wasn’t just the tuition charged to attend the school. The price was the education students were entitled to receive.”

Gov. Mike DeWine said he was asking the attorney general and other officials to determine whether laws were broken.

“This report confirms numerous disturbing allegations regarding Bishop Sycamore. There is no evidence that the ‘school’ enrolled students this year, had a physical location for classes to meet, employed teachers, nor offered any academic program…

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