May 26, 2022

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Hackers who are believed to work for the North Korean government have been impersonating venture capitalists and workers at crypto and blockchain-focused companies such as the Digital Currency Group to steal cryptocurrency, according to a new report.

Kaspersky Lab published a report on Thursday that details the months-long hacking campaign. During that time, the hackers broke into several cryptocurrency startups by pretending to work for venture capital firms involved in the industry. The goal was to steal large quantities of cryptocurrency, according to the researchers.

“We have seen BlueNoroff operators stalking and studying successful cryptocurrency startups,” the researchers wrote, using their internal name for the hacking group. “The goal of the infiltration team is to build a map of interactions between individuals and understand possible topics of interest. This lets them mount high-quality social engineering attacks that look like totally normal interactions. A document sent from one colleague to another on a topic, which is currently being discussed, is unlikely to trigger any suspicion. BlueNoroff compromises companies through precise identification of the necessary people and the topics they are discussing at a given time.”

The hackers impersonated more than 15 venture businesses, including a person who works in the top management of…

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