December 7, 2023

NatWest has issued a warning to customers over a new scam targeting their personal banking details which could leave their finances vulnerable.

Those who bank with Natwest are being targeted by fake text messages stating that “a new device has been registered” with your account.

This is an attempt to send people through to a website that is not affiliated with NatWest and can lead to phishing, where your data and details are stolen.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What do the NatwWest scam texts say?

The texts initially look legitimate, with them being sent under the guise of a NatWest name.

The message itself says: “A new device has been registered. If this was NOT done by you please visit: (fraudulent hyperlink) to cancel this”.

The hyperlink says ‘’, which is not associated with NatWest.

There are no obvious mistakes so it’s easy to be convinced this may be a genuine message.

Which? Conversation, a blog on the Which? website, attempted to follow the link and was warned by their browser of a ‘deceptive site ahead’ where it had ‘recently detected phishing’.

After showing a copy of the texts to NatWest, they confirmed the message was not sent by the bank and shared five top tips for what to do after receiving a text message to follow a link.

How to spot a scam

Being contacted without any prior warning is often a huge red flag in spotting a scam. Where legitimate…

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