June 15, 2024

A staggering 50 individuals and organizations have been charged by Manhattan’s District Attorney (DA) for alleged involvement in a construction bribery scandal, costing millions and disrupting dozens of contracts. Photo courtesy Bigstock

In a shocking revelation, Manhattan’s DA has charged 50 people and establishments for supposedly participating in a corruption scandal involving construction projects. It’s alleged that through kickbacks to the tune of $7 million, they cheated developers out of millions and disrupted multiple private sector contracts.

The court of NY County Supreme Court is dealing with 83 charges associated with this case. The principal accused is a construction executive who, it’s claimed, spearheaded an expansive scheme over eight years. He apparently colluded with subcontractors to inflate bids presented to developers, supposedly pilfering more than $5 million from developers in the process.

Court documents suggest this plot kicked off in April 2013, with the accused exploiting his role as vice president in his construction company. He is believed to have manipulated the assignment of subcontracts and altered orders, their value amounting to over $100 million, to favor fellow conspirators.

The accused allegedly aided fellow plotters by sharing privileged information like rival bidder details and encouraged inflated bids to cover the kickback costs. He then argued the merits of these inflated bids to developers, faking attempts to negotiate lower prices with the conspirator contractors. His reward for these deceptive practices were the kickbacks from the successful contracts.

The corruption unfortunately led to subpar work on some projects. In one instance, a subcontractor who had only ever worked on minor residential projects was assigned to fit a heating and cooling system in a 32-story condo tower.

Notable NYC projects, as named in court documents, impacted by this scandal include FiDi Hotel, New York Bowery Hotel, and Fifth Avenue Hotel.


What is the total cost of the scam?

The scam, involving kickbacks, inflated bids, altered orders and deceptive practices, is estimated to have cost developers millions. The figure is thought to be upwards of $5 million.

Who is the principal accused in the case?

The principal accused is a construction executive who allegedly manipulated his role of vice president in his construction firm to benefit fellow conspirators with insider details and contracts.

What projects were affected by the scandal?

Named in court documents, projects affected by the scandal include major developments such as FiDi Hotel, New York Bowery Hotel, and Fifth Avenue Hotel.