December 6, 2022

MOTORISTS are being warned of an elaborate scam that has already fooled 3,000 drivers – here’s how to avoid it.

Car buying scams are on the rise, with criminals taking advantage of people searching online for their next set of wheels.


Motorists are being warned of an elaborate online scam that has already fooled thousandsCredit: Getty

A BBC investigation recently revealed just how easy it is to fall for such scams, while exposing a fake car dealership website that defrauded people out of thousands of pounds.

Pietro Pagliuca from West Yorkshire told the BBC how he transferred almost £4,000 to a legitimate-sounding company for a second-hand Nissan Qashqai.

He even chatted with someone saying they were a sales directors, before parting with his cash – and he even saw what he thought was a company stamp on the invoice they sent him.

But, he was scammed, and according to Action Fraud the number of people being conned is growing.

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Last year there were 3,000 reports of online fraud from UK drivers – a 21 per cent rise compared to 2019.

Now, learner driver insurance company Veygo has released its top six tips to avoid becoming part of those statistics.

Get information about the car upfront

Veygo CEO James Armstrong said you should ask the dealer as much information about the car as you can.

He said: “Make sure you know its make, model and year of manufacture, and the registration number so you can do your own checks on its history before taking anything further.

“As part…

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