February 8, 2023

Rina Okamoto, famous as ‘Panchan’ Rina, is a renowned and undefeated KNOCK OUT Black champion. Recently, she released a video on her YouTube channel, explaining the details surrounding her arrest. On December 5th of last year, Okamoto was charged with defrauding. In addition, a 35-year-old man from Kobe City lost 99,900 yen ($730) through a mobile payment service. As reported by the police, Okamoto had created a fake listing on an internet auction site.

Offering limited-edition merchandise from an event called ‘THE MATCH 2022’, which took place at the Tokyo Dome, featuring fighters Tenshin Nasukawa and Takeru. Okamoto, who is 28 years old, immediately admitted to the accusations upon her arrest.


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Okamoto‘s arrest has certainly come as a surprise to her fans and the public, as she is famous for her impressive record and skill in the ring. However, it is important to note that everyone is accountable for their actions and Okamoto is no exception. The situation is currently under investigation. In addition, it is still unclear what the outcome will be.

Rina Okamoto on her arrest

Rina Okamoto, the well-known and undefeated KNOCK OUT Black champion, has released a statement regarding her arrest. She takes full responsibility for her actions and acknowledges that the incident was solely due to her weak willpower.

In March of this year, an acquaintance who recommended an investment opportunity approached Okamoto. As a first-time…

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