July 17, 2024

June 28, 2024

By Alex Lloyd Gross

The Bensalem Police are on the hunt for two men suspected of fraudulent activity. The duo reportedly entered the Lowes located on Horizon Blvd at around 9:15 AM, on June 20, 2024. The cops say the men carted away wiring equipment worth approximately $1815. They checked out their items and took off in a silver Dodge Caravan sporting temporary Delaware number plates.

The problem lies with the mode of payment used – a phony Lowes Credit card. Following the incident, Bensalem Police shared clear images of the suspects, with one seemingly dressed in contractor’s attire. Police are seeking assistance from the public to identify these men.

If you recognize them or have seen a silver Dodge with temporary Delaware plates, the police are eager to hear from you at (215) 633-3719.

## FAQ

### What can you tell us about the goods the suspects made off with from the Lowe’s?
The suspects walked away with assorted wiring worth around $1815. They checked out their items, paid using a counterfeit Lowe’s Credit Card, and took off.

### How could the suspects be identified?
The Bensalem Police have provided clear pictures of the suspects, one of whom appeared to be dressed as a contractor. They are appealing to the public for any information which may help identify these men.

### How can I report any leads to the police?
If you have any information on the suspects or have spotted a silver Dodge Caravan with temporary Delaware tags, you’re urged to contact the police at (215) 633-3719.