December 6, 2022

MAFS’ Mishel Karen has opened up about being love-scammed and losing a massive chunk of her OnlyFans earnings. Poor thing!

The star of season 7 explained that she dropped a wad of cash into what she believed was a legitimate financial trading platform.

Upon signing up, the sneaky platform allocated Mishel a broker who proceeded to turn up the flirtation dial to 1000.

Essentially, the scammers created an entire trading platform complete with a website, great reviews and regular contact with staff.

In reality, the money MAFS star Mishel was told would be going towards investments went straight into their pockets.

In her interview with Daily Mail Australia, the 51-year-old OnlyFans star said she felt like a “like a really big dumb dumb, I really do”.

“They must’ve known who I was because all of a sudden they gave me a financial broker that became a love interest.

“It just turned into a romance and he was getting more and more money out of me.”

I think it’s fair to say that no matter how con-artist Netflix docos and love-scam movies get made, it’s a totally different situation when it’s happening to you vs a stranger on your TV screen.

You definitely gotta feel for Mishel.

As is customary with any MAFS news story, old cast members with too much time on their hands raced to comment.

Mishel’s on-screen husband Steve Burley (unsurprisingly) dropped in to spread bad vibes on The Wash’s Instagram upload.

Other MAFS alumni Nasser

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