December 3, 2023

Hardcastle also claimed that climate action is a Ponzi scheme, with money taken from working people and funneled to the “liberal elite.” In reality, the Infrastructure Jobs and Investment Act and the Build Back Better Act, both funding climate action, are expected to create about three million jobs per year for Americans. Further, research at the University of Maryland found that about 70% of infrastructure bill monies would go to non-college graduates — hardly the liberal elite.

United States action on the climate crisis is vital to the future of our planet.

New pool?

The city of Waco took over Lions Park. The pool there has been dormant for 10 years due to plumbing. Now is the time to think big. Dig up the old one and replace it with a new, beautiful addition to that choice neighborhood. Cool idea, summer jobs and recreation.

Public’s right

In a Sunday letter to the editor, Jamie Duerksen asks, “What about those who decline the vaccine for reasons of conscience or over concerns of possible side effects, or those who believe medical decisions are a private matter?”

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