June 25, 2024

Charges totalling over two dozen have been levelled against a construction business proprietor situated in Richmond Hill. Law enforcement officers pessimistically speculate that a larger number of victims have yet to speak up in a swindling probe occurring in the York Region.

On Friday, an issued statement from York Regional Police announced that detectives from the unit handling financial crimes initiated an investigation into a construction firm in 2022.

Allegedly, this establishment, known as National Concrete Forming or alternatively Pars Concrete, was purchasing concrete molds and supplies for this industry using counterfeit bank drafts.

The individual engaging in these purchases would then unload the procured goods to other entities at a lower price, according to officers. By the time the initial sellers discovered the fraudulent nature of the bank drafts, the money was already lost.

Law enforcement affirms the sum of these deceitful transactions reached $600,000.

The YRP press statement reveals, “The buyers’ confidence was exploited prior to their acceptance of sizeable bank drafts for the goods. Detectives are of the belief that transactions mirroring these have happened for many years all across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. Furthermore, there are likely numerous other victims yet to come forth.”

Law enforcement officers implemented a search warrant at a Toronto location tied to the company’s proprietor last Tuesday. An arrest was made, and a volume of narcotics was confiscated.

A 45-year-old Richmond Hill inhabitant, Ruzbeh Akhlaghi, is confronted with 28 charges, of which six involve fraud exceeding $5,000.

Images of the accused have been released by the police, who are energetically encouraging other victims to step forward.