June 16, 2024

A group within Japan’s governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) emphasized the need for a comprehensive review of online advertisement checks on Friday. This follows an increasing trend of false investment advertisements on social networks that imitate famous personalities.

In its plan, the group urged Meta Platforms Incorporated, an international company, and its peers in the social media industry to enhance the stringency in their ad examinations. They further lobbied for the introduction of a prohibition on online advertisements featuring well-known figures without their approval.

The group is planning to submit the proposal to Japan’s Prime Minister and President of LDP, Fumio Kishida, potentially as soon as the following week. They hope the proposal will be incorporated into the upcoming government legislations planned for June.

In the proposition, the LDP’s unit noted that there has been a substantial increase in scams involving such deceptive advertisements. These misleading ads cause harm ranging from reputation damage to people featured in these ads without their knowledge.

The group criticized social media operators for their inaction against such ads, arguing that these companies are creating an environment that enables criminals to flourish.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the LDP’s stance on fraudulent online advertisements?

The Liberal Democratic Party in Japan is pushing for tighter controls on online advertisements, especially those that impersonate celebrities or use their images without consent. The party aims to reduce the number of scams involving such deceptive advertisements and protect the reputation of individuals unknowingly featured in these ads.

What actions are the LDP proposing against fraudulent online ads?

The LDP urges major social media platforms to enhance their ad monitoring and introduce bans on unapproved advertisements featuring celebrities. The party plans to submit their proposal to the Prime Minister as early as next week, hoping it will influence upcoming government measures.

Why are tighter controls necessary for online advertisements according to the LDP?

With the rise in scams involving fake ads, the LDP believes stricter controls can protect consumers and celebrities alike from reputational damage and financial loss. The party also condemns social media companies for allowing such an environment where these fraudulent activities can thrive.