February 24, 2024

ALLEGED scammers have been sued after they were accused of trying to build a $1.5million home on a plot of land owned by someone else.

The land, which was vacant and underdeveloped for years, is owned by Daniel Kenigsberg, who grew up next door and inherited the plot from his father.

A property owner has filed a lawsuit after he claims a house was partially built on the land in the wake of a fraudulent saleCredit: Google Street View
The situation happened in Fairfield, Connecticut, about an hour from New York CityCredit: Google

Kenigsberg visited in May to check on a friend who was sick and learned that there was construction happening on his property, located in Fairfield, Connecticut, about an hour from New York City.

He went to check on the land and saw the partially-constructed home.

Kenigsberg said he never sold the property or approved any development plans.

Erica McCarthy, who lives nearby, told CT Insider that many of the neighbors knew the lot belonged to the family that used to own the corner house.

“We’re kind of surprised,”¬†she said.

“He has owned the lot for so long, and it’s never been built on, so I think everybody in the neighborhood at least seemed a little bit shocked that he sold it and it was being built on.”

Although property records show that Kenigsberg signed off on a sale of the property to a firm called 51 Sky Top Partners LLC, this was allegedly an impersonator.

Kenigsberg sued 51 Sky Top and Anthony Monelli, a lawyer who agreed to sign the…

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