December 7, 2023

A BRITISH scam-buster has highlighted the most common signs that you’re caught in the crosshairs of an online fraudster.

Speaking to The Sun, James Walker revealed three giveaways that the WhatsApp message, email or online advert you’re examining is phoney.


These are the telltale signs that you’re on the verge of being scammedCredit: Getty

Interacting with them could grant crooks access to your bank account, says Walker, who is CEO of fraud-fighting group Rightly.

He’s encouraging Brits to remain vigilant amid a soaring number of scam messages hitting inboxes across the country during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Scams are getting more sophisticated all the time,” James told The Sun.

“In terms of reports to police, they are equivalent to all other crimes in the UK, but prosecutions remain in the single digits as it’s hard to convict fraudsters.”

Online scam attacks are typically carried out through unsolicited emails, text messages and phone calls. They’re also executed through fake adverts on websites and on social media.

Typically, scams come in the form of so-called phishing attacks that lure victims to a website that appears to be operated by a trusted entity, such as a bank, social media platform or other service.

The website, however, is phoney with fake content designed to persuade a victim to enter sensitive information, such as their online banking credentials.

Over the phone, phishing attackers will pose as an employee of a trusted entity and pressure targets into…

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