June 15, 2024

Thai Liang Lim / Getty Images

The fear of losing [money](https://www.gobankingrates.com/money/economy/how-much-money-is-in-the-world/?utm_term=incontent_link_1&utm_campaign=1271658&utm_source=yahoo.com&utm_content=1&utm_medium=rss) in an online scam is one that scares us all. It’s something we hear in the news often. Despite our vigilance, unsuspecting individuals and businesses fall victims all the time.

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2024 has witnessed the emergence of several new scams. These scams exploit pioneering technology and manipulative social engineering tactics. Here are some of the top [methods to avoid falling to scams and fraud this year](https://www.gobankingrates.com/money/finance/common-online-shopping-traps/?utm_term=incontent_link_2&utm_campaign=1271658&utm_source=yahoo.com&utm_content=4&utm_medium=rss):

Avoid Phishing Emails

According to Joe Chappius, a finance planner and tax expert at [Tax Climate](https://taxclimate.com), phishing emails are posing a significant scam this year. For instance, hoax emails pretending to be from your bank or fake online stores. Chappius recommends not clicking unsolicited email links and instead manually typing the URL.

Beware of “Deepfake” Video Scams

Griff Harris, owner of [GriffitheHarris](https://griffitheharris.com), exposed a different trend – the “deepfake” scam. This scam uses AI to create mimicked voices and impersonates executives to fraudulently extract sensitive information or initiate wire transfers.

AI-Driven Phishing Attacks

David Brillant from [Brillant Law](https://www.brillantlaw.com) warns against AI-driven phishing attacks. He suggests using advanced security measures to counter these threats. These include enabling two-factor authentication, constant audits, and strict financial oversight.

Financial Scams On Seniors

Another budding scam that Marty Burbank from [OC Elder Law](https://www.ocelderlaw.com/) uncovered involves scamming seniors into dubious cryptocurrency investments. Marty suggests verifying the authenticity of any investment through regulatory bodies and adopting a consultative approach to vet investment opportunities.

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What are some common types of scams occurring in 2024?

In 2024, scams have evolved. They range from phishing emails, deepfake video scams, AI-driven phishing attacks, to financial scams on older adults.

How can I protect myself from phishing emails?

You can safeguard from phishing emails by avoiding clicking on links received in unsolicited messages. Instead, manually enter the URL into your browser.

How can older adults protect themselves from financial scams?

Seniors can protect themselves by verifying the legitimacy of investment opportunities with regulatory bodies. Also, discussing potential investments with trusted financial advisors could offer an extra layer of protection.